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Based out of Schertz, just North of San Antonio, Texas, I am an experienced non-profit and public sector leader with an obsession for positive growth. A Jersey girl at my core, I grew and developed my mindset from culturally and socially diverse origins. I enjoy using every excuse to celebrate the world. My professional experience has led me down the path of facilitating organizational growth and success with a focus on employee well-being.

• Dedicated public sector leader with 15 years of experience who serves as an enthusiastic role model and mentor within her organization
• Passionate advocate for empowering employees and instilling an inclusive and inspiring work environment
• Experienced collaborator across operational levels and with diverse stakeholders, skilled in leading complex interdepartmental projects

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Operation Transformation

The culture of the organization had suffered over time due to budget cuts and staffing shortages. Ideas were bogged down in processes and often abandoned, creating barriers to new and innovative services. The last all-staff development day was held in 2012, leaving few opportunities for branch staff to interact with administration. Operation Transformation has given individuals in the organization the opportunity to have their voices heard and is breaking down barriers to innovation.

The Re-

“You Can’t Self-Care Your Way Out of a Broken System”: The 2022 Urban Libraries Trauma Forum

The Urban Libraries Trauma Study (ULTS) conducted by Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) examines trauma that urban public library workers experience in the workforce through their work with the public and interlibrary relationships. Drawing on interviews, focus groups, and a trauma forum, this paper discusses the problem of trauma in the library. It demonstrates a grounded way to engage library staff in research and change. Finally, this paper concludes with ideas proposed by the forum participants to

Episode 6: Librarian Interview with Samantha Gordano, Reference Services, San Antonio Public Library

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In this video, I talked with Samantha Gordano from the San Antonio Public Library. Samantha shares with us how Reference Librarians can help authors.

Visit the San Antonio Public Library website:

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I’m Vikki J. Carter, The Author’s Librarian. I hold a Master’s Degree in Research and Technology and I’m an author with over two decades’ worth of experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and authors, helping them to find the right tools, techniques, and resources to strengthen the credibility and authority of their voices and improve their stories.
As a professional librarian and author, I reveal the techniques that librarians use that will help you effectively find valuable sources and resources to give your writing the authority and authenticity readers expect.


Enhanced library IDs available for San Marcos residents

San Marcos residents will soon have the opportunity to obtain a new and enhanced library ID card from the San Marcos Public Library.

The local nonprofit, grassroots organization Mano Amiga, along with HOME Center and library staff, hosted a press conference Thursday to discuss the benefits.

“We [Mano Amiga] believe it will be greatly beneficial to a multitude of community members,” said Sam Benavides, Campaign Fellow with Mano Amiga.

According to Benavides, these IDs would be beneficial for i

ChildSafe: Cardboard Kids Campaign

As an active auntie and my family meaning everything to me, the safety of my three nephews are one of the biggest priorities in my life as well as my family’s. When I was invited to a Cardboard Kids Campaign meeting along with other social influencers in the city, attending was necessary. The Cardboard Kids Campaign is a Child Abuse Prevention Campaign Happening in San Antonio, Texas. In 2015, there were 4,941 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect in Bexar County. And while that number is s